Flying with the feet on the ground

by Marisa Benjamim

SATURDAY 14.08 - 20:30

at Hotel25, Wrangelstrasse 25, 10997 Berlin - U1 Görlitzer Bhf

In a close relationship with nature,” Flying with the feet on the ground” arouses a metaphor from the opposition that exists between the concrete and the intimate reverie of the human.

Looking through the poetic, and mixing performance with the construction of objects, the latest work of Benjamim suspends the concept of gravity, here understood not so much as the physical phenomenon, but as an uncontrollable movement of dreams against the real.

Embedded in an intimate environment, dominated by simplicity and beauty, the work reveals the consciousness of reality as an understanding of something that needs to be seen from the inside through several layers of the subjects reality; in short, an attempt to approach an essential point from which the individual is established and operates its own concept of reality.

The artist proposes five moments that covers drawings, performance and video installation.

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